Sweet millet porridge

with fruits

That's the perfect winter breakfast for me! Die porridge warms me up and the fruits-cinnamon combination stimulates the endorphins :) One is definitely well prepared with energy for a good start of the day!

4 portions


2-3 cups organic millet

4-6 cups water or milk (it depends what you favor more, I generally use oat milk instead of cow milk)

2 tbsp agave syrup

2 tbsp sugar beet molasses*


300g mixed fruits like any kind of berries (deep frozen can be used too)

3 tbsp sugar beet molasses




  1. Clean the millet with hot water to extract the bitter compounds
  2. Let the millet cook with the water or milk for approximately 10 minutes, then give it some time to soak up the remaining liquid (in case the millet becomes to sticky add some more of the water or the milk)
  3. Meanwhile put the fruits in a pot, add the sugar beet molasses and heat it up
  4. At last add the agave syrup to the millet
  5. Serve the portions on a plate or a nice bowl and spread the cinnamon on top

* Sugar beet molasses is one of my favorite ingredients for cooking! It adds a stronger, more intense flavor to the dishes instead of only sweetness.